Do you have what it takes to conquer Starvation?

The only US qualifier for the Norseman/Xtri World Championship
August 3rd, 2024
200 XTri Points

In the mountains of Utah...

Challenge Yourself

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DARK SWIM 2.4 MI / 3.8 KM

Water Temperature 62F / 16C

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photo credit @kris_braun

BIKE 100 MI / 161 KM

Elevation 9,754FT / 2.97KM

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photo credit @kris_braun

RUN 25.3 MI / 40.7 KM
20.9 MI / 33.6 KM

Elevation 7,543FT / 2.29KM

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200 XTri Points

Why Race with us?

Unprecedented CHALLENGE

This course will challenge you like no other. From the dark brisk swim, to the punishing elevation on the bike, to the technical running course... YOU WILL be challenged, you will be pushed, you will find your limits. Are you ready?

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GROW With Loved Ones

Traditional triathlon is the worst spectator sport! Some races you merely catch a glimpse of your loved ones racing or on the sidelines for only but a few moments throughout what can be a long day. With Starvation, your friends and family are your support crew actively involved in the race! They are with you along your journey providing you encouragement and nourishment and sharing in the challenge.

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DISCOVER Your Limits

You will truly find your limits on our course... it's designed to do so. Our goal is to take you to that edge where you come face to face with who you are and what you are capable of. We feel that it's in those moments that you step closer towards becoming the absolute best version of yourself!

Free Xtri Iron Cowboy training plan included with every registration ($99 value)


Race Director

Casey Robles

Meet Casey Robles. He is excited to be working with James Lawrence, The Ironcowboy, in putting on this EXTREME race. Casey has competed in a number of triathlons from sprint distance to full distance.  Casey was part of the “wingman” crew for James during his 505050 and Conquer 100. He knows first hand what it took to help James accomplish what most people thought was impossible. Casey was able to make the impossible . . .  possible. That is exactly what he wishes to offer you as an athlete: an opportunity to test your physical and mental limits in an AMAZING race in the great state of UTAH. He will be there on race day cheering and encouraging you along the course. . . . . oh, and of course, he’ll be there celebrating with you and partying it up as you cross that finish line!


This is an extreme triathlon. The swim is open water and the conditions can be unpredictable. The bike course takes place 5,700 feet above sea level and climbs up over 9,400 feet altitude. THERE IS over 9,700 feet of vertical climbing through the Utah mountains. The run starts at 8,000 feet and peaks with an elevation of over 10,700 feet above sea level. THERE IS 7,543 feet of vertical climbing. The run is off road and on trails in and around the Solitude resort. Before you sign up, please be honest with yourself about the time you have to dedicate to preparing for this event. Every athlete is different in the amount of hours necessary to prepare for an endeavor of this magnitude. Only you know for sure.

AUGUST 3rd, 2024
200 XTri Points